Wildflower Verge Project 

Leicestershire County Council is working with a wide range of Parish Councils and local communities to change the management of selected road verges in order to improve their biodiversity value. The Leicestershire wildlife charity NatureSpot is supporting the project by organising ecological surveys of the verges and by promoting these sites as featured Wild Places on its award-winning website.

Details of this verge together with the species recorded during the survey can be viewed at:

Kirby Muxloe have 'adopted' Towers Close in Kirby Muxloe as part of a Wildflower Verge project, which is part of Nature Spot.


The Wildflower Verge scheme is part of the Parish Urban Verge Scheme and the idea or aspiration is that over time the verges will become managed on a more permanent basis by the local community and that they will get involved with re-survey to help monitor the verge/s on an annual basis.

For further information regarding the process, please see the Urban Verge Scheme process here: